About me

I am a Senior Lighting and Look Development  Artist working in Visual Effects from the last 12 years. I have been extremely lucky and blessed to pursue my passion in crafting imagery  for Film, Feature Animation, Commercials and Episodic series. I have had the opportunity  to work on some of the most iconic and game changing visual effects in films over the years like The Jungle book, which won an Academy award for best visual effects.

I thoroughly enjoy taking up new challenges within a collaborative environment that fosters growth and development for all individuals involved. When I assume the role of leading a team of artists, my objective is to establish a working atmosphere that is both productive and enjoyable. In this environment, the sharing of knowledge is highly esteemed and every team members input is valued and acknowledged.

My expertise encompasses a diverse array of artistic and technical skills in Lookdev, Lighting and Compositing. These skill range from a comprehensive grasp of cinematography principles to the design of efficient workflows and pipelines.
I am currently working at Luma Pictures (Melbourne) as a Senior Lighting Artist remotely from Bangalore India, prior to this I was a Senior Lighting TD at Industrial Light & Magic (Sydney).